Discussing CUlture Shock with Ignacio barrón viEla

As Ignacio has lived in multiple countries, he brings a depth of experience to living internationally. You'll definitely want to listen to this first ever episode!

Show Notes

Ignacio Barrón Viela was born in España has lived in multiple European countries for his career before landing in Billings, Montana USA. This is his first conversation with Janese about living in another country. Listen to his experiences with culture shock and how he connected with his roots to overcome the challenges of the culture shock cycle.

You'll also learn more about Janese's similar, yet different, experiences as well as take away some universal understanding about navigating the culture shock cycle. 

Highlights include:

  • 2 Facts & A Myth
  • Culture Shock Definition
  • Ignacio's Top 5 Tips for Working Through Culture Shock 

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