Culture shock with akvilina rieger

Have you ever experienced culture shock as a seventeen year old student? Akvilina has when she traveled to the USA for a year in high school. She's now been her for 20+ years and has a lot of great moments to share with us!

Show Notes

Imagine you are seventeen and deciding to go to a foreign country by yourself for the first time to study for a year - without a cell phone and without social media. The only thing to really inform you about where you're going is movies or books like encyclopedias. 

Akvilina Rieger has lived in the USA for over 20 years and when she entered the country so much of her world had been turned upside down even before she came to the US to study. Her country of Lithuania had become independent and was figuring out the future as a country. 

In this episode we discuss culture shock through her first experience in the USA and how it has informed her exploration of other countries as well.

Highlights include:

  • 2 Facts & a Myth
  • Culture Shock Definition
  • Akvilina's Top Tips for Working Through the Culture Shock Cycle

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