Culture shock with clementine lindley

Listen to Clementine discuss her multiple Study Abroad experiences in Ireland.

Show Notes

Clementine Lindley is a born and raised Montanan who proclaimed at 7 years old she was going to live in Ireland. Not really understanding what that meant at the time, but learning it was possible, propelled her into studying abroad which forever changed her worldview. She was able to acclimate into the culture in a unique way which gave her a different perspective of her own culture.

This is her first conversation with Janese about living in another country. Listen to her experiences with culture shock and how she connected with her ancestral roots. If you've ever lived overseas for more than six months, you'll connect to this episode.

Highlights include:

  • 2 Facts & a Myth
  • Studying Abroad in Ireland
  • Linguistic & Cultural Faux Pas
  • Clementine's Top 5 Tips for Working Through the Culture Shock Cycle

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