Culture Shock with Mehmet casey

Mehmet was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. Then he received a Fulbright scholarship to Billings, MT, ended up staying and has been there for 15 years so far. Listen to how he navigated the multiple levels of culture shock. 

Show Notes

My guest on this week's podcast is Mehmet Casey. Mehmet (Mo) was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq where like many others, he navigated a stressful lifestyle. After college and a brief employment, he decided to step out of the scene to pursue more professional opportunities and gain a global perspective. He landed what was supposed to be a 10-month long exchange teaching Fulbright scholarship but later events at home left him no choice but to seek asylum, which ultimately made Billings, MT his new home. 

Highlights include:

  • 2 Facts & a Myth
  • Bargaining culture
  • Food culture
  • Different expectations of Generosity
  • Nonverbal personal space "bubbles"
  • Mehmet's Top 5 Tips for Working Through the Culture Shock Cycle

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