Culture shock with tiffany ingle

Have you ever experienced culture shock as a seventeen year old student? Akvilina has when she traveled to the USA for a year in high school. She's now been her for 20+ years and has a lot of great moments to share with us!

Show Notes

We talk about the first two stages of culture shock in depth while we also bring in many other topics that are significantly impacted by culture shock that many people may not have considered when engaging with a person from a different culture.

Tiffany Ingle is an ESL professional who has a beautiful way of sharing her stories and observations as well as bringing wisdom to cultural situations. We discuss the challenging stages of the culture shock cycle, touch on experiencing micro aggressions in another culture and language, cultural fatigue, depression due to culture shock and how to harness your energy when you're feeling completely unmoored within a new culture.

This is her first episode with Janese about living in another country. Listen to her experiences with culture shock and the sage advice she brings to the conversation. If you've ever lived overseas for more than six months, you'll connect to this episode and with Tiffany.

Highlights include:

  • 2 Facts & a Myth
  • Culture shock parallels with Racism
  • The "eating at McDonald's stage" of culture shock
  • Bargaining from an individualistic cultural perspective
  • Tiffany's Top 5 Tips for Working Through the Culture Shock Cycle

You'll want to listen to this episode if:

  • You know someone going through culture shock or reverse culture shock
  • You work with someone from a different culture (that could even be a different state)
  • You have experienced or are experiencing micro aggressions
  • You are or have been a minority overseas
  • You are planning to live overseas
  • You experienced some form of depression while living overseas

While each of these areas will be in a future season of this podcast with professionals, we are discussing these topics from our own personal experience and not from a place of professional information. Please contact professionals who can help you with your concerns.

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